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Test bed for sustainable composite production

Welcome to our test bed for sustainable composites. The facility is unique in its kind and provides the opportunity to develop new processes and produce prototype or test series of new components or products, as well as, to verify new materials from a process and product property perspective, all in an industrial relevant and automated environment.

Take advantage of new opportunities

At our open testbed you can get access to both competence and equipment. The test bed includes the entire development chain from raw material to finished product. With a high level of digitization, the entire process can be followed remotely. You can thus participate in and also influence the work without being on site, and simultaneously have access to the results. Another great advantage is that it also provides valuable input and data to the simulation-driven design process, which is the key to implementing sustainable composites in the industry.
Open means that you can get access to the testbed via paying for the use of technicians and the equipment yourself, hire the equipment and run with your own staff if you have proven competence to run the equipment or through participation in a project consortium that uses the test bed

Sveriges första testbädd för hållbar komposittillverkning

Challenge the future

Most of the test bed is owned and operated by RISE, where SWE-CIC as a cluster has some complementary equipment. The production equipment of the individual companies can also be counted as part of the test bed, but of course under specific conditions.
The test bed offers, for example, the opportunity to carry out material tests, as well as getting help with the development of completely new products and manufacturing concepts. This gives you the opportunity to verify and demonstrate, before you safely take the step towards possible investments and series production.
Whether you have a small issue or a major challenge, our skilled professionals have the competence to guide and support you.

RISE part of the test bed

In 2021, a state-of-the-art servo-hydraulic press with a pressing capacity of 1,200 tonnes, was inaugurated, as a part of the open test bed. The press is unique in its kind as it can maintain the tool pressure much longer than ordinary presses. The technology also makes it possible to use the entire surface of the press table, or only a small one.
However, there is much more to the test bed, since it includes all the workshop and lab equipment at RISE.


SWE-CIC and the companies

SWE-CIC also hosts an open test bed, which currently consists of a robot cell with two cooperating robots and two external rotating shafts used for fibre winding and mechanical processing as well as a large furnace, which is used for preforming core materials or post-curing components.
The companies together have a large amount of production equipment that includes most types of manufacturing techniques used for fiber composites, available under specific conditions.

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Would you like to see more of the test bed for sustainable composite manufacturing? Our friends on RISE offers free guided tours.

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