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At SWE-CIC, you will find skilled professionals to help you realise your idea. We will guide you through the ideation and design phase via process development to prototypes and production.

Regardless of your professional role, or how big or small your challenge is, there is someone within SWE-CIC who can help you move forward.


Speed up your innovation

With fibre composites, we can tackle almost any product requirements. The unique properties of fibre composites make it possible to design the material to fit your particular challenge. In other words when you design the component you also design the material of the component, thus optimizing the final properties, but you must also look at the process necessary to produce the component.
The combined knowledge of the skilled professionals within SWE-CIC is vast. It has been gathered during 50 years of development and production of industrial fibre composite products. Together we are over 300 professionals.
We are experts at what we do, thus we can help you and your company to speed up your innovation cycles and help you solve your problems more cost effectively through an outside perspective, new angles, and complementary knowledge.

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Get access to an open test bed

Welcome to our testbed for sustainable fibre composites! An open testbed where you can get access to competence as well as equipment. The test bed includes the entire production chain from raw material to finished product, and you will be able to validate the properties of a material or a product, as well as the production process through prototyping and pre-series production.
A great advantage of the test bed is that the entire process can be followed digitally remotely. You can thus participate in and influence the work without being on site, and simultaneously have access to the results.

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Step up your production

Since we started working with fibre composites in the 70’s we have learned, developed and fine-tuned most production methods, on a small and large scale. We can help you step up your production!
If you have outgrown your capacity, or would rather focus on your core business than production of components, we can help you with that as well!
Regardless of the challenges you are facing, we will find a way to help you, for a particular project or as a long-time production partner.
Within SWE-CIC you will find advanced production equipment that ranges over all commonly used production techniques. If your product has components with different manufacturing technologies, we can set up a collaboration within SWE-CIC. We are used to everything from “one of its kind” to large scale production.

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