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SWE-CIC develop and manufacture tomorrow’s fiber composite products

SWE-CIC – competence and equipment gathered in one place

Since the 70s, a cluster of fibre composite companies has been evolving in the outskirts of Piteå. The research institute RISE has been active in the area since the early 90s. To preserve the gathered knowledge and develop a combined offering, Swedish Composite Innovation Cluster, SWE-CIC for short, was formed in 2017.
The combined competence and the available equipment are in many ways unique in Sweden and together we strive to continue to evolve and become even better. The companies within SWE-CIC ranges from multinational corporations to fast growing small and medium-sized enterprises, and we manufacture both standardised products in high volumes and custom-made products in small series.

On a mission to develop the sustainable solutions of the future

SWE-CIC is on a mission to develop sustainable products of the future. We believe that fibre composites are part of the solution. With fibre composites, we can tackle almost any product requirements, while production processes are advancing and becoming smarter as well as more efficient. Through challenge-driven innovation, strong collaboration, continuous learning and a growing network, we strive to make sure that the specific properties of fibre composites are being utilised in the best way, in all industries.

Our enablers

To support collaboration within SWE-CIC, the development of the test bed, and the aim to create a national value chain ranging from new sustainable materials to large product owners (OEMs), we are supported by a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund and regional co-financiers.
Piteå Science Park and RISE are leading the project. Thanks to strong regional support, favourable conditions are created for developing a leading innovation node, which is based on collective competence and an industry-relevant test bed.


Join the cluster!

SWE-CIC is a cluster initiative, thus there is a geographical limitation for membership, covering north of Sweden. Any regional company within the fibre composite industry have the opportunity to join the cluster.


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