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18 December 2023, News

Collab Composites kick-off with Hitachy Energy och SAAB

Collab Composites kick-off with Hitachy Energy och SAAB

Last week, Collab Composite carried out a kick-off in Piteå. The hosts for the meeting were RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Arctic Business and Piteå Science Park, and at the meeting the practical set-up for the Collab Composite concept was discussed as well as the staffing of the steering group and competence group for continued development of the concept, as well as for the selection of Startups/SMEs and others that will get to pitch their concepts in order to be selected to carry out a so-called “proof of concept” project together with the industrial companies.

Our industrial partners on site were Hitachi Energy with Francisco Penayo, R&D Manager, Vince Heszler, R&D Engineer, both from Ludvika and Magnus Svanberg R&D Engineer at the plant in Piteå, as well as from Saab Aeronautics Per-Olof Marklund, Head of Technology and Innovation and Martin Helmfrid , Head of Technology Strategy – Airframe and Vehicle Systems who participated via Teams.

Our Industry Partners also received an overview of the support that Startups/SMEs can receive during “proof of concept” projects and during continued innovation journeys from; RISE, SWE-CIC, Arctic Business and Piteå Science Park and made a tour of the test bed available at RISE.

The day ended with a study visit to both Hitachi Energy’s plant in Piteå and Composite Service. Our opinion is that there were very satisfied industrial partners who left Piteå and we are all looking forward to our first pitch day on site in Piteå on February 1st.